Big Soda is fooling you

Independent scientists have proven that liquid sugar is a leading cause of diabetes. For decades, soda companies have funded "research" to obscure this simple truth, making our children sick while they profit. It's time to label sugary drinks as dangerous. 14 percent of the state has diabetes today, costing us $24.5 billion a year, over 1% of our GDP. 1 in 2 African American and Hispanic children born today will develop diabetes. The public should know how dangerous sugary drinks are.

We’re Sending Them 16 Packets a Day

Three Democrat Senators from Los Angeles are blocking progress by refusing to vote on SB 203, the measure to label soda. Until they give back their soda money and vote to label sugary drinks, we will send a letter containing 16 packets of sugar (the amount in a 20 oz soda) to each of them every day. We’ll do the same to Senate Speaker Kevin de Leon, asking him to remove them from the health committee.

D – Richard Roth

is married to Cindy Roth, the CEO of the Riverside Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is a attack group for corporate interests. His campaign backers include Pepsico and 7-Eleven.

D – Isadore Hall

has received over $120,000 - 10% of his campaign financing - from corporations like McDonalds who profit from soda. His Democratic campaign received money from Marco Rubio’s campaign funds.

D – Ed Hernandez

West Covina
is the chair of the Senate Health Committee has taken funding from the Soft Drink Association PAC as well as being a top recipient of oil and gas funding. He is running for Lieutenant Governor.

Tell CA Legislature: Stand Up to Big Soda!

Our Partner is hosting a petition for legislators to pass S.B. 203. Add your voice here.

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We are a coalition of grassroots organizations and public figures banding together for a healthy and democratic California.

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legislators blocking progress
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million Californians have diabetes

An overwhelming body of research from academic institutions shows that liquid sugar is uniquely harmful to metabolic health. It gets absorbed much faster than solid food and floods the bloodstream, overloading the pancreas and causing the liver to store much of the sugar as fat – which leads to fatty liver disease.